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Graduation Card - Congratulations!

Dear friends,

Morning! Okay, actually this card was ordered by my friend, Liena who asked me to make a card for her 'kawan'. Since this is a custom made, so I need to have few information from her. The details are:

  • For her 'kawan'
  • Concept - Lovey-dovey
  • Colors - can be any colors
  • Include convocation cap
  • Include a boy and a girl
So here is the card. So, we hope Liena (and her 'friend') will like it.

You can have this card also. Send us an email, tell us your theme, your concept and your favorite colors. That's it!

Product Information:

Item Code: HC007
Price: RM8.00
Type: Convocation, Couple, Love, Congratulations
STATUS: SOLD (If you want something like this, let us know!)

3 comment(s):

S.N.Hazlina said...

Yan..& reef..
Thanx a lot! sgt cumel!!i love it~
tak sabar nak balik & tgk kad tu bile balik nnti, ehehe..
smoga bisnes korang makin maju!
nanti aku promote kan lg yer..heheh..

sYarINzZ said...

ahaha~ LINA!utk 'kawan' ko???xDD
i like the inside of this card but utk yg outside,i'd prefer no ribbons??ahaha~ bole ke aku 'mengkritik'??lorr,lain org lain la sukenye,btul x??*ketuk kepala sendri*+_+
xpexpe,papehal still cun!!!

sekian, majulah bisnes utk ekonomi negara ^o^

twohandtouch said...

To Liena,

Glad tht you like it! Lepas ni boleh order lagi. Kan? he-he.

To Syara,

Komen adelah sangat dialu-alukan. Aku letak ribbon sebab ribbon tu ade bentuk love-love rase mcm memenuhi konsep lovey-dovey tu. Haha.

Mcm semak eh? Ok, noted. Next time aku akan mengkemaskannye.

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